Announcing The “SUPER” SONIC

Are You Ready for the Next Generation Wersi Organ?

The much-awaited Sonic instrument is finally available!

Most of the time products are developed by engineers without consumer input. The Sonic evolved a little differently. After the prototype was finished, the Sonic was exposed to a panel of players for evaluation.

Everyone agreed that the Sonic was a well-engineered instrument. Users got the chance to voice their opinions, some of them asking for improvements in certain areas:

It’s great, but I wish you would have done this differently to make it more user friendly…”

I wish it still had one of these…”

I’m older, and the screen should have greater color contrast, and it should be tilted so I can read it better…”

You get the point.

They listened, and made multiple upgrades before the final “Super” Sonic was released. They could have added another S word to describe it:


Even the future for upgrades is built into the Sonic.

In the past, we made a big deal about the importance of layering and how most instruments have limits of 4 or 5 layers. The New Sonic allows you to layer 16 sounds, a feature that is virtually absent in today’s instrument market.

Take a look at the long list of features under Products>>> Sonic.






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