Wersi Service

All support and service is now handled directly through Wersi Service Center
We Specialize in All Wersi brand instruments, We are also A Roland Authorized
Service Center and Repair Most Major Brands of Keyboard Instruments. We also repair, diagnose, and upgrade Computer Systems (PC based).

For technical assistance, parts, or support questions, email:

If you wish to ship or drop off an instrument or component to us for repair, please contact us for an appointment or shipping instructions. Please refer to following shipping location. This location is for shipping only.

Wersi Service Center
837 E. Walnut St.
Lancaster, PA 17602

We will not be responsible for consequential damages to your instrument or item being shipped to our location. We recommended that you insure your items or practice the proper safety precautions to make sure your item(s) arrive safely to our service department. Please include a letter describing in detail the problems and any tried solutions along with your Name, Address, and Phone number. Items without this information will not be serviced until we receive such information. We accept payment by credit card, or by check. All personal checks must be cleared prior to shipment of your repaired merchandise.



If you own an older Wersi instrument, please read this important notice!

Wersi Instruments older than 5 years contain rechargeable batteries to hold custom presets, settings, sounds,etc. These batteries should be changed every 5 to 7 years. Failure to replace these batteries could result in leakage of the batteries and substantial damage to internal components. Whether you built your organ from kit or purchased the instrument used, you should inspect these batteries and replace them as necessary. A Wersi Instrument can contain up to 4 batteries depending the hardware updates that were installed over the years. Please maintain your precious instrument to insure long lasting enjoyment. If you need additional information on your particular model, please contact us and we can assist you in determining what may be needed.



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