Wersi Pegasus Wing

Wersi Pegasus Wing

Wersi Pegasus Wing | Standard white Finish

Pegasus Wing 2.0

There are many instruments available on today’s keyboard market, but only one stands out as truly an outstanding value…the Pegasus Wing..under $4000. Where can you find an instrument, even in the up to $8000 price range that allows you to layer up to 4 sounds on the right side of the split point and 3 sounds on the left side? Only a couple have real time drawbars for both sides of the split. How many give you a 76 note keyboard…large enough to use it like a two keyboard instrument? As a matter of fact you can add another midi keyboard, use it as a lower manual (left side of split), add bass pedals and like magic…a full organ. This is only the start of what it can do. The Wersi products have always been known for their superior sound quality. The 950 long wave sounds are the same as our $50K instrument.
How would you like to push one button, record a song and save it as an MP3, burn a CD and play it on your stereo system? You can do all this and more on the Pegasus Wing.


Price includes: Selector Plus Option and Free Shipping


  • 76 Note keyboard – Lightly Weighted – Touch Sensitive
  • 10″ TFT ColorTouch Screen
  • 100 Total Presets, 500 User Presets
  •  2 Sets of Drawbars
  • 950 Sounds
  • 450 Styles
  • Reads: Wave, MP3 & Midi Files
  • Solid State Hard Drive, USB for USB Sticks
  • CD, DVD Reader, Writer & Burner
  • •Real drums: Live recorded
  • •Additional loadable styles from DVD, CD and USB
  • •Audio Player: WAVE, MP3, MIDI
  • •USB-Memory Slots for own Styles, MIDI files ,MP3, WAVES
  • •Solid State Hard Disk(SSD)
  • •Only 38 Lbs.


  • ♦Advanced MIDI-File Style-Editor
  • ♦Shows Karaoke Lyrics
  • ♦New Selector + Option allows up to 4 Sound Layers on right and 3 Sound Layers on left
  • ♦New Options for saving Total Presets


If the 950 sounds are not enough and you want more or specialize in a certain type, we have more sound options:

  • Classical Sounds                  $140
  • Theatre                                 $140
  • Grand Pianos                       $140
  • World Of Synths                  $140
  • Best  Accordions                 $140
  • Portamento                         $140
  • Selector Plus                       $235
  • James Last S/R                   $176
  • Franz Lambert S/R            $208

Look for more future options…

Additional settings for Seq-Transpose and MIDI-in-Multimode…and much more!

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