Wersi Verona GS 500

Wersi Verona Organ

Wersi Verona Organ | Pearl White Finish

The Verona

The Verona merges a classy design and high level sound quality into a smaller package. The smaller Verona is in every aspect a true OAS instrument. It has all the sounds, functions and features as the larger models. It has two 61 note manuals, separate drawbars for each keyboard, built in surround sound system and a large color touch screen for easy control. The standard Verona has a 17 pedals but, if needed,  is can be custom fitted with a 25 note pedalboard. All the same sound  and feature options are available for the Verona. The Verona GS 500 is available is high gloss black or white or special wood finishes.

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Verona GS500 Specifications

  • 2×61 Note Weighted keyboards
  • 18 Pedals/25 Note Pedalboard Optional
  • Lighted Manual Preset Pistons
  • Solid State Hard Drive -1 Gigegabyte RAM
  • Stereo Surrounbd Sound
  • CD/DVD Player/Burner
  • USP Ports
  • Windows/Intel Pentium4TM Format
  • 5 Programmable Toe Studs 
  • Vocalist (Vocal harmonizer) (Optional)
  • Processor/RAM Can Be Upgraded
  • More…….

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