Pegasus Wing: New Prices and Features for 2014

Because of their size and portability, keyboards are placed in a separate class from organs.

In addition to size, there are functional limitations. Compared to organs, a keyboard instrument is often limited by the number of accessible sounds. Traditionally, keyboards have been unable to achieve the same big sound generated by larger organs. The reasons for this difference are
limits on polyphony and layerability. Every time a player adds an additional sound, the polyphony is reduced by half, limiting the opportunity for additional layers. As a result, dense, layered sounds are difficult to achieve.

The Wersi Pegasus Wing defies these limitations.

With almost unlimited polyphony and an optional Selector Plus upgrade, the Pegasus Wing, also being a 76 note keyboard, can layer four sounds on the right side of the split point and three sounds on the left. These capabilities make the Pegasus Wing capable of producing the same massive ensemble sounds of a large organ.

The Pegasus Wing is now available at an all new low price.
The price for the fully-equipped model described above is $3846 (price includes Selector Plus).
Remember, you can also add a second keyboard and pedals for the ability to layer four sounds on the upper keyboard and three on the lower keyboard. You can have an additional sound on the pedals, thereby rivaling the sound of our $30,000. instrument.

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